Affordable Jewish Education Project the future of jewish education starts now

our approach

AJE is an organization that was built around a mission, and that mission remains the driving force behind everything we do. Our approach to solving the day school affordability crisis is developed with an open mind and adherence to our guiding principles, and frequent consultations with our partners and advisors. The strategy of AJE is and will always be a “work in progress,” and while we delineate a clear, 5-step plan, we continuously review and revise our thinking.

  1. Identify transformative ideas that are:
    1. a. Quality neutral (or better)
    2. b. Cost reducing
    3. c. Feasible
    4. d. Scalable
  2. Identify Partner Schools AJE develops a network of new and existing schools to be leaders in Jewish education quality and affordability.
  3. Implement the Transformative Ideas AJE aids partner schools in the implementation of these transformative ideas, leading by example and letting free market forces drive change across Jewish education.
  4. Track & Analyze Results AJE closely monitors its initiatives to continuously learn from their successes and failures. The “new paradigm” never rests – AJE fosters ongoing improvement by constantly innovating, evaluating, and optimizing.
  5. Mobilize the Community AJE disseminates its lessons learned and best practices so that every school and community can adopt the strategies of AJE’s partner schools.