Affordable Jewish Education Project the future of jewish education starts now

our vision

Affordable Jewish Education Project (AJE) was started in 2011 by a group of community leaders and philanthropists to find and implement innovative and sustainable initiatives to ensure that a high-quality, affordable Jewish day school education is available to every child.

AJE develops, partners with, invests in, and expands new and existing financial and educational initiatives in schools in an effort to establish a new model for 21st century Jewish education institutions. We see it as crucially important to promote innovations that drive real improvements in the quality of education, while simultaneously driving significant reductions in cost at a time when our community really needs both.

Guiding Principles

AJE is a nonprofit organization guided solely by its mission and the following strategic principles:

  • Quality & Affordability – in order to sustain the Jewish the day school system, we recognize that both of these goals are essential to our mission
  • Think Big – in order to tackle the affordability crisis, which is a big challenge, we must focus on high-impact, scalable solutions
  • Community-wide Focus – our goal is to help the Jewish community rather than any particular organization(s) or institution(s)
  • Investments, not Donations – because the affordability crisis is so large, we must think of our funding as “investments”; we cannot fight this crisis dollar for dollar
  • Sustainability – our goal is to secure a day school system that is self-sustaining, that doesn’t depend on AJE or any other organization for large-scale, continuous funding